Rapha Lodge & Spa
Restore the Mind & Body

Neuromuscular Therapy is a Deep Tissue Massage where trigger points are released by using deep compressions. 

25 mins $50.00

Couples Massage

30 minute couples massage including Hot Towels $100.00

60 minute couples massage including Hot Packs & Aromatherapy $160.00

90 minute couples massage including Hot Stones, Warm Towels & Aromatherapy $225.00

Add "Foot Whirlpools for Two" before your Couples Massage $30.00


***Swedish Hot Stone Massage***

!!!Most Requested Massage!!!

30 min $55.00   60 min $85.00


Massage Add On's

Headache Relief or Sciatic Relief $15.00

Power Nap $15.00 

After your massage... Stay right where you are...we will wake you up in 20 mins!!


Therapeutic Massage

1/2 hour~$45.00

45 min~$60.00

Full hour~$75.00

90 minute~$110.00

  • Hydrotherapy is an outstanding treatment for relieving or reducing long-lasting or sudden pain.
  • Hydrotherapy significantly increases the elimination of waste assisted by detoxification.
  • Hydrotherapy helps loosen tight, tense muscles and encourages relaxation.Hydrotherapy increases the digestion activity and metabolic rate. Hydrotherapy hydrates the cells and improves muscle and skin tone.
  • Hydrotherapy helps in boosting the immune system allowing it to function more efficiently.
  • Hydrotherapy stimulates the blood supply improving the function of the internal organs.

1/2 hour Prenatal ~$55.00

Full hour Prenatal ~$85.00

(Massage safe after 1st trimester)


20 min $30.00

30 min $40.00

45 min $60.00

Ashiatsu Barefoot

Deep Tissue Massage

50 min $100.00

Facial Treatments

All Organic

1/2 hour $55.00     

Full Hour $85.00

Deep cleansing, exfoliation, mask suited to your skin type & moisturizer.

Facial Add-On's

Hot Stone Foot Massage~$10.00

Ear Candling

Removes ear wax from the ear canal

Can help relieve sinus pressure & ringing in the ears

Improves hearing

$35.00 (single) $50 (double)

Sauna Sessions

*Offered with massage or facial services only.*


Relief from arthritis 


Stress Reduction 

Balances Hormones 

Younger looking skin

Weight Loss

Improves Circulation 

W/Purchase of Massage Session or Facial $20.00
1/2 hour Jacuzzi Visit  $20.00 w/purchase of massage or facial.
*Offered with massage or facial services only.*
Relax in our Spa Room in this powerful extra large jetted tub. 
Request some Chilled Juice or Lemon water 

Soft Soles Foot Treatment~$40.00


Hot Towels &

Reflexology Session